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CHGK Punchzone Elite

CHGK Punchzone Elite

Our most complete glove to date!

CHGK's PunchZone Elite's 
give you exactly what the name says, an elite goalkeeper glove that can be trusted at any level. Having been tested within clubs such as Tottenham, Arsenal and Westham.. their goalkeepers told us that these are some of the best gloves they've worn! 



3D Palm Printing: Our gloves feature innovative 3D palm printing technology, enhancing grip and control. This cutting-edge feature ensures maximum traction on the ball, allowing you to make decisive saves with confidence.


Pro-Proven Grip: Endorsed by numerous professional goalkeepers, our gloves feature a pro-proven grip for reliable performance in all weather conditions.


Hybrid Negative Cut: Experience superior grip and control with our innovative hybrid negative cut design, providing a snug fit and enhanced ball handling.


Extended Palm Design: Make decisive saves with confidence thanks to the extended palm design, offering increased coverage and protection against powerful shots.


Punch Zone Technology: Built-in punch zone technology provides added security and protection, allowing you to punch the ball with more consistency while minimising the risk of injury.


4mm Contact Latex: Crafted with premium 4mm Contact Latex, our gloves ensure optimal grip and precision handling, allowing you to dominate the game with confidence.


Lightweight Construction: Enjoy unmatched agility and mobility on the field with our lightweight construction, enabling quick reactions and agile movements.


Stylish Design: Not just functional, our gloves also boast a sleek and stylish design, making a statement with their eye-catching design every time you step onto the pitch.


    VAT Included
    Expected to be shipped end of April
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