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CHGK Originals

CHGK Originals

Our original glove has been ever present with our goalkeepers at CHGK, designed to give our goalkeepers a high quality goalkeeper glove, at a reasonable price!



  • Proven Performance: Trusted by professionals worldwide, our gloves deliver elite performance on the pitch.


  • Hybrid Negative Cut: Experience superior grip and control with our innovative hybrid negative cut design, providing a snug fit and enhanced ball handling.

  • Extended Palm Design: Make decisive saves with confidence thanks to the extended palm design, offering increased coverage and protection against powerful shots.


  • 4mm Contact Latex: Crafted with premium 4mm Contact Latex, our gloves ensure optimal grip and precision handling, allowing you to dominate the game with confidence.

  • Lightweight: Enjoy unmatched agility and mobility on the field with our lightweight construction, enabling quick reactions and agile movements.

  • Stylish Design: Not just functional, our gloves also boast a sleek and stylish design, making a statement with their eye-catching design.

    VAT Included
    Expected to be shipped end of April.
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